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Alain Guillot Show

Jul 31, 2021
Hussein Al-Baiaty is a refugee from the Iraqi war, since then he has become a business owner proving an inspiration to other refugees. His book is Art of Resilience: The Refugee State of Mind.
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Jul 28, 2021
Nicola Twilley is a writer and journalist. She is a co-host of the podcast Gastropod and a contributor to The New Yorker. She is the co-author of Until Proven Safe: The History and Future of Quarantine.
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Jul 26, 2021
Roya Hakakian is an American poet, journalist, and writer. Born in Iran, she came to the United States as a refugee and is now a naturalized citizen. Her latest book is A Beginner's Guide to America: For the Immigrant and the Curious.
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Jul 24, 2021
Amy Sohn is the New York Times-bestselling author of twelve books. Her latest book is The Man Who Hated Women: Sex, Censorship, and Civil Liberties in the Gilded Age.
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Jul 22, 2021
Brian Castner is a nonfiction writer, former Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer, and veteran of the Iraq War. His latest book is Stampede: Gold Fever and Disaster in the Klondike.
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