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Alain Guillot Show

Apr 27, 2020

Steven Arnott just published The Snowman's Guide to Personal Finance: A simple approach to managing your money. This is an easy to read book about how Canadians can take control of their investments and their future.

Steven Arnott portraitFrom a young age, Steven has been interested in personal finance. He completed the Canadian Securities Course, became a CFA charter holder, and created a blog about personal finance.

The book, The Snowman's Guide to Personal Finance serves as a guide to personal finance from a beginner's level to most advance.

Steven Arnott explores psychology, philosophy, and money in an approachable way, without jargon and with no background required. His goal is to help the reader spend their money stress-free and enjoy their lives today. All while ensuring they can continue their lifestyle in the future.

The Snowman's Guide to Personal Finance book coverThe idea of the book came about 7 years ago when Steven was trying to explain to his brother how to invest his savings. He found the analogy of a snowman, because, why not, they are both Canadian and in Canada, a Snowman is a great subject for an analogy.

The pleasure of helping his brother created the desire to help other Canadians understand money and how to manage it, and thus, Steven started writing the book.

The Snowman’s Guide to Personal Finance provides actionable steps to:

Save money for the future
• Automate your savings plan
• Rethink your expenses
• Repay debt

Put your savings to work
• Manage your risk
• Understand how to invest your savings
• Lower your taxes

Protect yourself from the unexpected
• Set aside money for emergencies
• Understand your insurance needs
• Know when to write a will

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