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Alain Guillot Show

Apr 17, 2020

This is the second episode I record with Tom Corley,  the first one was episode #99 back in December. Today, we are speaking about his new book Effort-less Wealth.

Tom Corley, is an author, speaker, frequent media contributor and founder of the Rich Habits. He's also an avid runner, weight lifter, tennis player, CPA, CFP and has a Master’s Degree in Taxation.

The business of selling books

Selling books is a business, and just like any other business, you have to devote time to it, have goals, etc.

In the beginning, Tom tried to reach the media to talk about his book for about three consecutive years. He sent over 1,000 emails. He sent out 1,000 books. He spent 1,800 hours making phone calls to radio stations so that they would interview him about his book "Rich Habits" and he got about 150 interviews. He sent about 40,000 tweets on twitter.

Finally, Yahoo Finance accepted to interview him. That interview was a complete success with over 2 million hits. Soon afterward, he was asked to be interviewed by Dave Ramsay who has 8 million listeners.

The interview with Dave went viral. Many other TV stations, radio stations, and podcaster started to ask Tom for interviews.

The conclusion is that Tom sold almost no books in three years and then he sold about 15,000 in about one month. That led to interviews with all the major TV networks in the U.S. Also, publishing houses from many other countries have approached Tom to reprint his book in their countries and their languages.

Since 2004, Tom has been studying the daily habits of the rich and the poor. Since then, his Rich Habits Study/Research/books have sold well over 100 million books in 27 countries.

Tom has consolidated his study findings into something he calls the Rich Habits Research Summary. This Summary provides a listing of over 300 behaviors, thinking, and activities that separate the rich and the poor.

About the book Effort-less Wealth

Effort-Less book coverEveryone's life is a series of stages: childhood, primary school, secondary school, college for some, getting your first apartment, marriage, starting a family, buying your first family home, managing your growing family, balancing work and family while managing your career, empty nest stage and finally, the retirement state.

The money mistakes you make in one stage can have a ripple effect, impacting one or more subsequent stages. Make too many money mistakes and you will find yourself in perpetual catch-up mode, the rest of your adult life.

Those who make the right decisions at every stage, tee themselves up for financial success.

In this book, Tom shows you exactly what you should be doing at every stage of your life.

The foundations for sound financial decisions are smart money habits. When you have smart money habits, you can save and invest during each of the stages of your life, so that when your kids leave the nest or you enter your retirement stage, you are free from financial worries and not financially dependent on your children or loved ones.

Financial success is a process. Understanding that process, and following it, virtually guarantees that you will become, at the very least, financially independent and, perhaps, even wealthy.

In this book, Tom Corley shares with you that process, embodied by specific smart money habits for each stage of your life. By following the lessons in this book, you will immediately catapult yourself into the top 5% of individuals -- the 5% who never have to worry about having enough money.