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Alain Guillot Show

Dec 17, 2019

Melissa Dinwiddie is the founder of Creative Sandbox Solutions™, a creative consultancy that helps organizations build cultures of creativity and innovation through the strategic use of play.

She delivers workshops and keynotes to corporations, conferences, high schools, and colleges; hosts creativity retreats; runs an online community for women; and is the author of The Creative Sandbox Way™: Your Path to a Full-Color Life.

She shares her writings, artwork, and music on her blog, Living A Creative Life.

The interesting thing about his interview, it that melissa always taught of herself as a noncreative person, always thinking that her art wasn't good enough when compared to other's people art.

Then through a series of events, she discovered her artistic abilities. She was so successful at her craft, that she made a business out of her art. Her business grew so much that she didn't have time to do art for art's sake.

At a given moment, she decided that she needed a sandbox to create art without a commercial purpose, she needed to create a space where she could just create art just to have fun and to let her creativity flow, and thus the concept of the creative sandbox was born.