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Alain Guillot Show

Dec 8, 2019

My podcasting journey

I started podcasting in January of 2018, almost 2 years now. I started without knowing what to do and how to do it. I have learned a lot, but the biggest lesson is that I still have much more to learn.

The two major things I have learned has been to build relationships and to become a better communicator.

The main drawback of podcasting is that it takes a lot of time. To be honest, I think about podcasting almost every day and each episode takes me about 12 hours to produce, from the initial email I send to the person I want to interview, to finally hitting the "publish" button and sharing it in social media.

The celebration

I find that often in life, we accomplish big milestones in our lives, and because we don't do anything to highlight those milestones, they are simply forgotten, put away in the mixture of other regular days in our lives. And because we don't do anything to highlights those special moments, they are often forgotten.

I didn't want the publication of the 100th podcast to be mixed with all the other podcasts. Technically, there is nothing different between podcast #99 and podcast #100, but because I decided to make it special, and do a special celebration for it, then it does become more special.

I find, that often life passes us by without us realizing our accomplishments. Well, I think that many of us, who have worked hard to accomplish any goal, should take a moment to celebrate that accomplishment, to make it a life experience, and even better, to inspire others to celebrate their own milestones as well.

It's with that mindset that I decided to celebrate the publication of this 100th podcast episode, with the company of my Montrealer friends, and the support of people who I love and admire.

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams opened the event. Cheryl has been my friend and business partner for about 14 years. She has been a fountain of inspiration to me and she has been a great pillar of support for many of my successful and failed ideas. It's so precious to have a friend who supports you unconditionally, but also will tell you the truth to your face without any filters. Thank you, Cheryl. I will never have adequate enough words to express my gratitude.

Elaheh Bos

Elaheh Bos is the founder of Plant Love Grow. She is an author and illustrator of about 50 children books, she is a speaker and an entrepreneur. But the most amazing power of Elaheh is her storytelling power, which of course, she channels it into her books. She also uses a vivid and descriptive language to add depth to their work.

Some of the phrases she used to catch my attention were:

If I could origami myself into a corner, I would have

As a mother, I was in this salad bowl of anger, denial, shame, fear.

The main message that I got from Elaheh's speech is that we can not help others from a place of fear. Elaheh had to go back in time and deal with the fears of her inner child before she was able to help her daughter.

I learned about resilience and resourcefulness. We all have the tools in life that we need to succeed, to solve problems. It's up to us to dust off those tools and put them into practice.

Terrie Schauer

Terrie Schauer is a real estate investor, an author, a coach, and a competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter.

The lesson I learned from Terrie is her defiance towards adversity. Adversity is never going to away, and if it does, then we stop growing.

As a real estate investor, Terrie has faced many tenants who have not paid their rent or who have destroyed her rental properties. As a jiu-jitsu fighter, Terrie had her face smear again the mat many times. These moments of adversity, each one of them, have taught her a lesson. We should see adversity as our teacher, and only when we accept it, we have an opportunity to grow.