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Alain Guillot Show

Jul 23, 2018

Jessica Moorhouse is a blogger, a podcaster, a speaker and an Accredited Financial Counselor-Canada® who shares tips on saving, budgeting & investing. But the thing that I know Jessica the most for is for bringing amazing guests to her podcast.

Jessica started working at age 15, paid her university without any financial assistance.

Jessica started blogging about 6 years ago, as a way to keep herself accountable for the way she was spending her money. But over time, her blog has become her career.

I first heard about Jessica during my interview with Shannon Lee Simmons, episode #21. During that interview, Shannon told me that one of her favorite podcasters was Jessica Moorhouse.

Jessica earned a degree on film production and her intention was to become a full-time film editor, but she graduated at the time of the recession and it was very difficult to find a job in the film industry. Eventually, Jessica found a job at a local newspaper she worked there for 3 years.

During the 3 years of work at the newspaper, Jessica started to read books and blogs about finance, and she got hooked.

Jessica found that a lot of personal blogs didn't relate to her. She started blogging as a one year experiment, which she extended one more year, and then another year. She became part of the blogging community and started going to blogging events. Finally, blogging became a significant part of her life.

After four years, Jessica started a podcast. She noticed that none of the podcast available related to her. There were not women, millennial, talking about personal finance. If it didn't exist, she was going to create it and thus, the Mo' Money podcast was born.

At that time she was working 40-50 hour at her regular job and 20 to 30 hours building the podcast and blog. Eventually, as her blog and podcast grew, she became a full-time blogger/podcaster.

Our conversation drifted towards all the things that Jessica offers to her followers.

Jessica write long well-researched blog posts, she invites amazing guests to her podcast, she has a YouTube channel, a book club, a Facebook group, a Meetup, and her services as an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®.