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Alain Guillot Show

Apr 30, 2018


Do you want to build an A-Team?

Whitney Johnson, with over twenty years of coaching, investing and consulting, take us by the hand and share her knowledge on how to build an A-Team.

In this interview, we speak about:

  1. Whitney’s life as a Wall Street equity analyst
  2. Speaking tips for people who would like to improve their speaking skills ( I am talking to you fellow Toastmasters)
  3. Her podcast Disrupt Yourself
  4. Her book Dare, Dream, Do
  5. Her book Disrupt Yourself
  6. And her latest book to be released May 1st, Build an A-Team.

Ther first time I heard about Whitney was in a podcast where she was talking about her new book at the time Dare, Dream, Do. Everything she said was so obvious, so clear, yet the ideas were expressed in a way that all the information seemed completely new and fresh. Since then I have been following Whitney.

Highlights of the podcast with Whitney Johnson

  • Her first job in New York was as a secretary
  • At work, she heard the phrase “throw down your pom poms and get in the game” so much that she decided to stop being a secretary and get into the bigger game
  • Whitney started taking business courses at night and she went from working as a secretary to working as an investment banker
  • After a few years, she became an equity research analyst; why analysts do more “buy” recommendations than “sell” recommendations
  • We spoke about the future of index funds and stock pickers
  • We spoke about public speaking
  • More information about Dare, Dream, Do
  • More information about Disrupt Yourself
  • Description of the new book Build an A-Team.
A gift from Whitney

Download the first chapter of the book for FREE. Just click here.