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Alain Guillot Show

Apr 8, 2018

As I was doing some research on the Internet, I stumbled upon the website Wealth Mode | Financial Planning run by Justin Chidester, a fee-only, Certified Financial Planner. I liked his point of view, his voice, and his explanations and I asked him for an interview.

Here are the highlights of our interview

  • Justin started his firm Wealth Mode, in October 2016
  • He focuses on young professionals and families
  • He lives in Logan, Utah, but most of his work is done virtually
  • This is the Blog post that Justin wrote to declare to the whole world that he was becoming a fee-only Financial Planner.
  • From his childhood, Justin felt that he was a human service oriented individual and he wanted to do something to help out the general public
  • He discovered that the standard financial planning careers based on pushing financial products, life insurances, mutual funds, etc. was not what he was hoping for.
  • He became an Accredited Financial Counsel with the mission of helping families weather financial difficulties
  • Eventually, Justin discovered the there was such a thing as being a financial planner without pushing products, it’s called “fee-only financial planning” and he decided to focus on the younger generations (the 20s & 30s) as his clientele, the generation that’s generally ignored because they haven’t accumulated a lot of money
  • One amazing service the Justin offers is “Pick my brains in exchange for dinner”
  • We went into a lot of details on the process of serving clients, making sure they are on track, that they understand the fee structure, the frequency of consultations, etc.
  • Justin gave great advice about how to shop for financial planners and he disclosed some traps that consumer can avoid
  • Although rare, we spoke about people who save too much

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