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Alain Guillot Show

Dec 30, 2020
Mike Smerklo is an entrepreneur, investor, business leader, and author of the book Mr. Monkey and Me: A Real Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs
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Dec 27, 2020
Marty Cagan is a speaker, author, advisor, and coach.
Marty Cagan served as an executive responsible for defining and building products for some of the most successful companies in the world, including Hewlett-Packard, Netscape Communications, and eBay.
He wrote EMPOWERED:...

Dec 26, 2020
She immigrated from Jordan to Canada.
Her family wanted her to be a doctor but she decided to become a comedian.

Dec 24, 2020
Matthew Beaumont is a professor of English Literature at UCL and author of The Walker: On Finding and Losing Yourself in the Modern City
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Dec 22, 2020

Zena Hitz is the author of Lost in Thought: The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life. She argues we should learn for learning's sake

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