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Alain Guillot Show

Jun 29, 2019

CreativeMornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series designed for creative communities. In 2008, Tina Roth-Eisenberg founded the lecture series in Brooklyn, New York as an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. The concept was simple:...

Jun 22, 2019

  • How to keep a daily blog discipline
  • How do bloggers make money
  • How to keep fresh and relevant blogging ideas
  • How to blog as a stay-at-home dad with 3 kids running around
  • How does it feel to be a borderline millionaire
  • Will J Money continue posting his monthly net worth...

Jun 14, 2019

Azfan is a member of our McGill Toastmasters club. I have seen his journey from beginner to now that he has become a good speaker and a good leader. He shares his view of optimism, and personal development at work and his personal life.

Work: Azfan is a business consultant with...

Jun 8, 2019

The book is a family memoir about political polarization in the United States. He draws on his personal story of growing up as a fundamentalist Christian on a dairy farm in rural Ohio, then as an academic in the heart of the liberal East Coast establishment, Brown...

Jun 3, 2019

Daniel Davis inteviews Alain Guillot (me) about my entrepreneur's journey