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Alain Guillot Show

Jul 24, 2020

Since the beginning of Covid-19, thousands of people have lost their jobs. Many businesses have closed their doors. Some jobs will never come back. Is there any hope?

Today we are welcoming for the second time Marina Byezhanova.

Marina has more than 15 years’ experience in recruitment & more than 10 years as the Owner of Pronexia, a premiere boutique headhunting firm. She knows what it takes to stand out in the job market, how to land your perfect next job, and how to shine.

Marina is also a public speaker, giving talks at conferences or leading workshops all over the world. Finally, she is a university instructor at Concordia University.

Marina incorporated her business in 2010, after the previous financial turmoil, so this is not the first time that Marina is facing a severe downturn in the market.

As markets have shifted and corporations are no longer hiring, Marina has pivoted, as many entrepreneurs do. With the desire to help individuals find a job and improve their personal brand, Marina rolled up her sleeves and started coaching people to improve their resume, upgrade their social media presence, and show them how to ace an interview.

With more than 10 years as a corporate recruiter, she has all the tools necessary and the know-how to help individuals who are struggling to find a job.

Now, more than ever, job seekers cannot relay on job advertisements. 80% of the positions are being filled without being advertised. For those jobs that are advertised, there is an excessive amount of applicants applying for the same position. Some extra help in the form of coaching will help increase the probability of being hired.

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