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Alain Guillot Show

Jun 20, 2020

Chrissy Kay is the host of the blog Eat Sleep Breath FI and co-host of a podcast Explore FI Canada. She is also a stay at home mom with two boys, a dog, and a husband.

Chrissy kay avatarShe is the daughter of two immigrant parents who came from Hong Kong. Both parents inculcated in her good saving habits since she was a little girl.

Her mother used to work at a bank and used to bring information back home about banking. How to open an RRSP? How to open a TFSA? How to choose a savings account. Then her mother put her into bank stocks, and mutual funds.

Chrissy's husband is also frugal. They agree with almost everything related to personal finance. They had a wedding and bought a house in Vancouver. Not buying a house was never part of the conversation. Asians, as well as North Americans, equate house ownership with stability and success. It's a concept that is indoctrinated into us by family, society, and government.

Chrissy considers her family to be middle-class, with middle-class expenses; however, because she has been optimizing the way they spend money, she projects to reach FI in her 40s.

When Chrissy Kay was in her 30s she became acquainted with the concept of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). She discovered the blog of Mr. Money Mustache, she dove right in. Then she discovered the blog of Canadian Couch Potato which was better suited for a Canadian audience.

Chrissy Kay felt that she got so much benefit from reading all those blogs. She felt so empowered and self-confident about personal finance and about the FIRE movement that she decided to create her own blog Eat Sleep Breath FI. Later on, she became co-host of a podcast called Explore FI Canada.