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Alain Guillot Show

Jun 9, 2020

Dale Roberts is the host of the popular blog Cut The Crap Investing. He worked in advertising for 27 years. He was busy making TV commercials, radio commercials, billboards, he was working on branding and commercial strategies.

He was always interested in investing since he had any money to invest. He was fascinated with stocks, ETFs, financial planning, economics, etc. He used to talk to his colleagues about investing but none of them gave a crap about investing.

Eventually, he found a job at Tangerine as an advisor. Finally, he could talk about investing all day long and get paid for it.

After five years at Tangerine, he decided he wanted to reach more people and started the blog Cut The Crap Investing, which was June 2018 (Two years ago).

Dale's main portfolio in ETFs and index funds, but he likes to own individual stocks as well. In particular, he likes Dividend Paying stocks.

In this episode, we talk about how to respond to the stock market movement while in the middle of the Covid-19 market drop.