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Alain Guillot Show

Jan 4, 2020

Aline Bekerejian is a notary in Montreal. She was referred to me by my friend Jamie Benizri. I needed a new notary because I was selling a property and the last time I used a notary, I felt that the service was not that great. Luckily, I was very happy with the service I got from Aline, so happy that I decided to interview her.

Aline wanted to work in the legal field since she was very young. In particular, she was always trying to be a defender of people whenever she saw injustice around her.

She went to law school. In Quebec, notaries have to go to law school, and in fact, their education is no different than the education of an attorney. While going to law school Aline noticed that she was not attached to any branch of law. However, when she discovered notary, she knew that's what she wanted to do.

Aline engages in all aspects of notary work. Her service includes real estate transactions, estate and protection of asses, marriage contracts, incorporation, and general legal advice.

What should someone do when looking for a notary?

  • Don't narrow your search just on price
  • Look for references
  • Have a conversation with the notary to get to know them before you hire

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