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Alain Guillot Show

Oct 24, 2019

How can you master difficult skills more quickly? Accelerate your career? Be more productive and live a better life?

Since 2006, Scott H Young has been trying to find answers to these questions. He hasn't figured out all the answers, but he provides a great place to start.

Scott has been blogging for about 13 years. One of the topics he writes about is learning, which has served as the base for his new book called "Ultralearning." The book gives us guidance on how we can learn more effectively, how can we spend less time, and/or less money to learn the things we want to learn.

Scott became known after he completed the MIT Challenge: "In the fall of 2011, the idea was to learn the curriculum of MIT's four-year computer science undergrad, evaluate myself by trying to pass the final exams, complete the programming projects and finish in one year. In simple terms, the project was a success."