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Alain Guillot Show

Sep 14, 2019

Henry Mah is a retired 77-year-old man. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta considers myself an average investor. He has made a lot of novice mistakes over the years and learned from them as well.  But eventually, he achieved financial freedom in his own terms.

Henry doesn't have a company pension so he lives off his CPP/OAS and his dividend income.  His dividends exceed his annual expenses so he reinvests about 60% of the dividends received, which continues to grow his retirement income.

Henry is just one more testament that this world is full of opportunities. Henry started his working life without education. He finished high school as he was working-serving in the air force. He worked low ended jobs with little salaries. He struggled financially for most of his life, but the moment he decided to take control, he was able to build a portfolio which allowed him to retire.