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Alain Guillot Show

Sep 7, 2019

Robert Wise is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach with a proven track record in Human Systems Intervention, Sales and Marketing. His mission is to inspire individuals, teams and organizations to follow & attain their visions of who & where they want to be.

As a natural entrepreneur & community leader skilled at providing guidance, sharing enthusiasm & creating strategic tools, Robert encourages clients to leverage their strengths & take effective action towards sustainable change. The highlights of his career in helping others have been:

► Launched ‘Wise Sales Coaching’, leading the successful business as President & CEO
► Co-founded ‘RISE Anxiety & Depression Clinic’, growing operations from the ground up
► Invited to teach the ‘Secrets of Success’ class at Concordia University (2018)
► Leveraged natural sales talent to deliver measurable impact across various industries
► Published my first book: “How to Sell the WISE Way” (2018)

In this interview, we go deep into insecurities and anxieties