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Alain Guillot Show

Aug 31, 2019

Robert R. Brown is a personal finance writer and speaker. He's the author of the Canadian bestselling personal finance book "Wealthing Like Rabbits - An Original Introduction to Personal Finance."

Wealthing Like Rabbits and Robert have been featured in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Reader's Digest as well as being a guest on NewsTalk 1010 and MoneyTalks, a BNN personal finance production.

Robert is a  frequent speaker at colleges, universities, and other organizations who are interested in helping people learn how to handle their money better. He also speaks to businesses, trade organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Sales and Networking groups, etc.

We spoke about:

  • Robert's origin story,
  • How he got into writing a personal finance book
  • The content of the book.
  • Car ownership
  • House ownership
  • Rent vs. buying
  • The FIRE movement

Where to find Robert