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Alain Guillot Show

Jul 26, 2019

Richard Tardif is a certified personal trainer, an investigative health journalist, an author, and a speaker on health, fitness, and diet issues.

We met at a networking event here in Montreal, and I bought his book "Still in Denial, Five Reasons for Embracing the Truth About Fitness" and I asked him to share his views with us.

Richard was involved in writing since he was in high school. He was part of the Canadian armed forces for four years.

In 1994 Richard started writing for The Concordian, the Concordia University newspaper. From there, he started writing for The Gazette, the Montreal News Paper. In the year 2000, he switched to the Eastern Door, a Kahnawake Newspaper.

Richard started to gravitate towards athleticism. He was also into the sport. At one time he was in shape until he started working long hours and living an unhealthy lifestyle and he was not in shape anymore.

Obesity epidemic

We are living an obesity epidemic. As more and more obese children become obese adults, the diseases associated with obesity, such as heart disease, cancer, and especially diabetes are growing.

Richard started gaining weight. He went from 225 to over 300 lbs.

In an effort to find out why he and millions of others were gaining weight, he put on his journalist's hat and started investigating the reason of his weight gain, and decided to write his first book "Stop the Denial."

Journalism is a sedentary job. Many hours sitting in front of the computer, and many hours going to events where food is being served. Richard became a victim of this sedentary life, plus he stopped training like he used to do.

Richard blames the high carbohydrate, ultra-processed food as the reason why so many people are obese.

According to the World Health Organization, 1.9 billion people are considered overweight and 650 million people are considered obese.

Thank you, Richard, for coming over and spending some times with our audience.