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Alain Guillot Show

Jun 29, 2019

CreativeMornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series designed for creative communities. In 2008, Tina Roth-Eisenberg founded the lecture series in Brooklyn, New York as an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. The concept was simple: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month. Every event would be free of charge and open to anyone, filmed and the videos would be available as well.

Lecturers include professional creators, designers, photographers and illustrators. CreativeMornings hosts events in over 205 cities worldwide in 65 countries. Their events are run by approximately 1,500 volunteer organizers.

There is a common theme every month; a theme is created and all the chapters around the world follow that theme for that particular month.

Steve Bissonnette

Steve is a Managing Partner at Plank a website development agency which has been around for about 20 years.

Steve was one of the co-founders of Creative Mornings in Montreal.

He recounts the story of how Creative Mornings Montreal was created.