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Alain Guillot Show

Jun 8, 2019

The book is a family memoir about political polarization in the United States. He draws on his personal story of growing up as a fundamentalist Christian on a dairy farm in rural Ohio, then as an academic in the heart of the liberal East Coast establishment, Brown University.


On one side of his family, his two sisters are Christians fundamentalists (who love President Trump) on the other side his brother is gay and liberal (who doesn't love trump).


Professor West talks about the era from President Regan to Trump and shares his insights on why the United States became so polarized.


In the United States, people divide themselves based on income, education, personal lifestyle, identity politics. 50% of Republicans would be upset if their kids married a Democrat.


Only 15% of U.S. counties generate 64% of U.S. GDP. Most of the economic activity is happening on the East Coast, in the West Coast, and a few metropolitan areas in between. So, great parts of America have been left behind, they are not profiting from the economic gains, they feel underpaid, and those are the people who ended up voting for Trump.


Social media is also to blame for the polarization in North America. Their algorithms are created in such a way that it feeds you the information that you want to see, and it hides the information that you don't want to see, thus creating a false reality for people who supports any political party or lifestyle.