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Alain Guillot Show

Dec 24, 2018

Peter Lazaroff is a contributor to the Wall Street Jounal, and Forbes, and he just wrote a book, Making Money Simple, which is available for pre-order and will be released this coming March.

He's the Co-Chief Investment Officer at Plancorp, which manages over $4 billion for individuals, institutions, and retirement plans. He also serve in the same capacity for robo-advisor called BrightPlan, which allows investors of any size to plan and save for all their life goals.

We spoke about

It's inevitable, markets will go down. How will you prepare for it?
Working as a fee for service advisor since 1983, long befor it became popular.
His firs investment was Nike Shoes at age 12.
The pain and agony of studying for the CFA exam.
The habit of writing at least 250 words per day.
The book
The first part is about setting goals and understanding where you are,
The second part is about investments,
The third and final part is about the critical decisions people have to take in their lives.
"You can not take the human out of the human when making investment decisions, but you can set up systems to prevent the human from making mistakes. "
"The more you learn about investing, the more you realize the simplicity of what it takes to be successful."
The dark side of compounding: taxes, fees, debt, credit card debt is the worse.
"Time is more important than timing."