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Alain Guillot Show

Oct 29, 2018 ‎

Rona is a certified financial planner. She has been serving the financial needs of Canadians for the past 27 years.

When going through university, she needed a job, so she got a job as a bank teller at a credit union, then she shifted to a full-service broker house.

While working at the broker house, Rona soon discovered that the job of a financial advisor was to sell products and not necessarily to give financial advice.

After that sour discovery, Rona decided to open her own business. On 2000 she opened Caring for Clients and became one of Canada's first fee-for-service financial planners. Over the course of 18 years the business has thrived, now serving over 250 families.

Rona is now focused on Vivaplan. She decided that objective, affordable, fee-for-service financial plans needed to be accessible and affordable for all Canadians, not just the wealthier Canadians. For $800 a client gets a plan covering estate planning, asset allocation, and insurance.

Vivaplan was created for two reasons:

1. Caring for Clients is operating a full capacity.
2. Most people cannot justify spending a few thousand dollars in a financial plan.