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Alain Guillot Show

Oct 22, 2018

This is episode #44 Today we will have a conversation with Vincent Pugliese, Professional photographer and author of the book Freelance to Freedom.

Vincent shares his transformation from being a thieves, to becoming a photographer at a local newspaper, to starting his own business and reaching Financial Freedom.

We talk about the mindset of schooling his own children, leaving the perceived security of a regular paycheck, and becoming master of his own life.
Who is Vincent?

He has been married for 16 years,
He has 3 boys homeschooled,
He Has been a professional photographer for 24 years,
He runs a mastermind group called Total Life Freedom.

Home Schooling

Vince and his wife did not like the education system and they decided the best thing for their family and their kids was to homeschool them. The kids learn what interests them at the moment. They are learning practical things such as blogging, entrepreneurship, etc.

Because they have control of their time, they travel when they want to, not when school or works allows it.

Video of Seth Godin speaking about education.
The life change catalyst

After many years of living without direction, Vincent found photography. He took a few courses and then he studied journalism. He got a job a the local newspaper.

The pay was not great, $15/hour. That was ok, but when his wife got pregnant, they started to look for something better. After winning several photography awards for his employer, Vincent was offered a 3% raise. It was at that moment that Vincent realized they would never be able to have a decent life as long as they continued working for someone else.

Vincent needed extra money so he asked his dad for help. His father declined but he said this:

You have a skill but your are not using it correctly. You need to start a business.

Vincent followed his father's advice. He and his wife created a photography business and in less than 4 years they paid off all their debt, including their mortgage, and quit their regular jobs.

After self-refection and after listening to the Dave Ramsey show Vincent told himself:

This is not cool to be 34 years old and broke

Don't focus on Financial Freedom, focus on time freedom instead