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Alain Guillot Show

Aug 6, 2018

Andrie Polgar is an economist, an entrepreneur, a Youtuber, and an Author.

One of the things that I find the most amazing about Andrei is that he's is from Romania and he lives in Romania, he lives in a non-English speaking environment, yet his YouTube Channel and his books are all in English. And his English is a high level academic English.

This is a testament, that in our interconnected Internet society, time and distance are not barriers to success.

He's host of the YouTube channel, One Minute Economics, with almost 27,000 subscribers, started on November 2015 and with almost 3 million views.

Today, were talking about the release of his new book The Age of Anomaly which is being deeply discounted from $9 to $0.99 for this week only (August 6-12, 2018). I took a look at the book and it's massive and well written, in same caliber of many university level books which sell for over $100. If you are slightly interested in economics, I suggest you check it out.

Key points of our conversation

Economics is not being taught properly.
Economists, make the subject matter too complicated.
There is no way to escape economics. Economics play a major role in everyone's lives.
Through his YouTube channel, Andrei explains complex economic subjects in one minute.
He explained Holland's Tulip mania in one minute.
We spoke about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Unlike most other economist, Andrei doesn't predict the future. He doesn't know what will happen in the markets next.
TV economists have less that 50% success in their economic forecasts.
Fortune tellers in Romania have a better reputation than economists.
Economic forecasters emphasize the the times when they made a correct forecast and tend not to mention all the wrong forecast they have made in the past.
Artificial Intelligence, the collection of data by corporations and governments and big monsters tearing down economic agreements.