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Alain Guillot Show

Jul 31, 2018

Sandi Martin From Spring Financial Planning

I heard from Sandi in an interview I had with Shannon Lee Simmons, Shannon recommended the podcast Because Money where Sandi is one of the participants in a roundtable. The podcast is almost like a telenovela, where the speakers present their different points of view and they are not afraid to disagree with one another. In the end, the listener gets a great learning experience from different points of view.

Sandi graduated with a history major. She worked at a bookstore, and that's great because she loves reading. She went from staking books to the cash register, then to cash supervisor, and then she applied at a bank to be a teller.

Most's people careers are generally not what they go to school for. Life is full of randomness.

In a bank setting, it's hard to be good to your clients and also be a good employee.

After eight years of working at the bank, and after building a family with 3 kids, Sandi decided to hang her own shingle.

As far as credit cards in a bank, tellers are constantly offering new credit card offering.

The creditcard-reward game is in the too complicated and boring

Credit card rewards is an elaborated shell game. They give you enough to keep you interested, to keep you playing

We are wired to be scared of the simple solutions

Where the rubber mets the road is on how you spend your money and how that lings up with what's important to you

We buy consumer "lifestyle" items out of shame ' I need to buy a house that looks like this because that's what successful people have, that's what my family expects of me. I would be a failure, people would know I am a failure if my car is 10 years old. '

If you have the skills to be contempt, that's way more important than making sure you are in the right investment vehicle.